Want to Get a Mortgage Loan! Follow These 6

Want to Get a Mortgage Loan!

Mortgage loans are one of the easiest to use the property. It can be a residential property or a commercial property. Financial institutions will offer loans by holding them against the property. It is an excellent way to fund a lump sum of money quickly. The Credit from this loan can be used for different reasons. They can be used for family events, startups, or business expansion. There are a few rules to get approval for a property mortgage loan. These rules can vary from one person to another depending on their financial profiles. Let’s learn about the steps one must follow to approve a Property loan.

6 Steps to Get a Mortgage Loan

  1. Check your financial status.

Customers need to know about their financial status, and they should be aware of their disposable income. It is essential to have a good idea of how much EMI you can pay in monthly instalments. The EMI amount should be within the disposable income before applying for a property loan. Otherwise, it won’t be affordable. It will be challenging to repay the loan, which will poorly affect the credit score and ultimately result in debt.

  • Minimise the loan tenure

It may seem a good option to increase the loan tenure so that you get more time on your hand for repayment, and then the EMI will also be less, but you will have to pay higher interest rates for a longer tenure. It will make the property mortgage loan more costly. So minimise the loan repayment tenure.

  • Timely pay the EMI

Avoid the delay of the loan payment, as it will cost you a penalty. Delayed payments will also decrease the credit score, affecting the chances of getting a loan. Hence, always pay the EMI on time and maintain a good credit score.

  • Choose your lender carefully.

The borrower should always choose their lenders after checking all criteria and parameters. There are a lot of unauthorised lenders that one should avoid.Loan providers in Delhiare authentic and mostly verified with financial institutions.

  • Have an insurance coverage

Before taking up a loan against property, you should protect the risk of a property loan with insurance coverage. Insurance will provide you and your family security in case of any disaster or unfortunate event like the borrower’s demise. Insurance, in these cases, will provide coverage and protection to the family members.

  • Check the convenience of service

Before going to a lender for a loan, always remember that the lender should provide you with the best service they have. You shouldn’t stand in queues hour after hour wasting time. Go to a lender who will provide you with speedy service, and there will be no inconvenience for the borrower.


Wrapping it up, there are many things that the borrower should be aware of before applying for a loan against the property. They should check their credit score, power of affordability, timely repayment of the EMI, meaning the monthly instalments, the tenure of the loan, how long they can repay the loan, and certain other things. Check the loan providers in Delhi like Finway FSC to avail of a loan against property without hassle.