8 Exercises for Incredible Grip Strength

Grip Strength

Although it is an essential part of strength training, gripping is often neglected. We don’t realize grip training is more than just the handshake. For everyday tasks such as lifting groceries, opening pickles jars, or holding heavy bags, grip strength is essential. Primary grip training will give you a long-term result. Grip training is versatile and can have a significant impact on your strength and fitness. You can have problems with your grip strength in many ways. Poor grip strength can make it difficult to do exercises such as deadlifts, pull-ups, rows, benches, and lunges. Take time because grip strength used to develop gradually with time. Keep patient, and have faith.

Top 8 Grip Strength Training Exercises

These are my top 8 grip exercises, along with their challenge.

1) Hand Grippers

Torsion or hand grippers are my favourite grip exercises and one of the best methods to improve your crush grip. Hand grippers that are real should be difficult to close, not like the plastic ones you might have seen in high school weight rooms. Iron Mind’s Captain of Crush grippers is the most popular. They can be purchased on Amazon or their website for around $20 each. You can choose from a variety of tensions, starting at 60lbs and ending at for which is close to a 365lb gripper!

Hand grippers can be trained by doing repetitions, max close, or holding a close for an extended period of time. As training with grippers requires some skill and strength, I recommend that you start by learning how to set and close them properly. Start with 8-10 reps in 2-4 sets with a lighter gripper, and then work your way up.

2) Barbell Holds

It is easiest to do this in a squat rack, with the pins placed just below where you would deadlift. This is not a deadlifting exercise, but to keep the weight on your chest.

Take the bar and hold it with your double overhand grip. Then, stand tall (e.g. Deadlift lockout position. This is where the goal is to hold for time. Do it for 5 to 10 seconds. Initially it is enough for you. Do three sets each 5-10 seconds.

3) Farmer’s Carries

You need to do it with pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. You stand with the weights and walk for a specified distance or for a set amount of time. This increases motion in your grip. Your forearms are also challenged, as well as your core muscles, shoulders and hips. Start walking at 20 feet and then move up to 40 feet with heavyweights.

4) Towel/Rope Pull-Ups

These towels are great for grip, and you can get a few dish towels at a fraction of the cost of your gym doesn’t offer towel service. You can simply drape the towels over your standard pull-up bar and grip them tightly while performing your regular pull-ups. Although they will be difficult at first, your grip will improve tremendously.

5) Plate Pinches

Plate pinches are my preferred method of pinch grip. You will need two plates that are flat on one side so you can pinch them together for a time. Start by pinching two 5lb plates for 30 seconds for a couple of sets. If this seems too difficult, you can move on to 2 or 3 10lb plates.   

6) Fat Gripz

It is budget-friendly grip training equipment. It can be used with any barbell, dumbbell, or pull-up bar. You can train your open grip unless you’re Andre, the Giant.

They are recommended to be used regularly as this grip is easy to train and doesn’t require constant attention. Add them to your regular deadlifts once or twice per month. For heavy singles, you can do double overhand or alternating grip. They are also great for dumbbell rows and chin-ups.

7) Hex Holds

Hex dumbbell holding is another way to improve your open grip. York sells the head of the hex dumbbells, which you can use to train your grip.

Hold the dumbbell’s head for 30 seconds. You will only need a couple of sets.       

8) Sand Hand Extensions

These are not gripping exercises per se, but they can help prevent injuries and strengthen your grip.

You can extend your band by wrapping a band around each of your five fingers or a few at a time. Professional bands are available, but I suggest using the thickest band on your crown of broccoli, a rubber band or one of those rubber bracelets people use.

A bucket of sand is another great tool for hand extension. You can insert your fingers in Karate Kid fashion and then open your hand against the pressure of sand.

Grip strength is a key factor in improving athletes’ performance. It can improve everything from endurance to strength and precision to precision. Most sports require you to hold onto something at some point. 

Thus, start your grip strengthening journey to make a difference in life. Check out the handgrip strengthener online at a reasonable price.