Complete Guide to MBA Abroad: Countries, Cost, Fees and More

MBA Abroad

MBA is an international degree program that facilitates setting you up on a global platform. Unlike any other program, it is not limited to its field of study. Students often consider having an MBA to make their portfolios strong. Basically, one of the biggest reasons why MBA is the #1 choice to study abroad. An MBA degree from a prestigious international university can provide endless opportunities.

MBA is a generalized graduate degree program, focusing on business administration and investment management. In other words; a pathway to the business world.

Guide to MBA Abroad

Factors like the type of MBA, country and institute, finance, program features are crucial to consider before deciding on a program. The program must have merits to meet your requirements. MBA is a course that facilitates a direct connection to the business world. Every aspect of its course opens up a wide range of possibilities. Deciding whether you want to pursue a diverse program or a specialized one can be difficult. For that, you need to analyze yourself on a ground basis. After clearing up your plans then only evaluate the merits and limitations of a program

Selecting Country for MBA Abroad

The USA is the home of Ivy League institutes. And the industrial hub of the business world. That makes it the #1 choice for an MBA program among students. But the UK can provide as much value as the USA with an added quality lifestyle. Germany is widely known for its quality programs offering free of cost or at much cheaper education rates. International students are free from tuition fees in German public institutes. On the other hand, Australia also offers MBA at a considerable cost, but living expenses in Australia can be costly. France is famous for its industrial involvement in its programs, and Canada is a favourite choice to study abroad.

You need to evaluate your further requirements to select the country for MBA abroad. Each country has its own merits and limitations.

Cost of MBA Abroad

Unfortunately, abroad MBA programs are one of the most costly programs. It can cost you a valuable amount of finance. However, the return on investment (ROI) is also outstanding about these programs.

Average Cost of MBAs in different countries –

  • USA: $70,000
  • UK: £40,000
  • Canada: CAD 80,000
  • Australia: AUD 58,300
  • France: £20,000

 Eligibility for MBA Abroad

The eligibility criteria for an MBA program abroad are pretty standard. You only need to consider your academic records because of the acceptance rates of different institutes.

However, here are essential requirements for an MBA abroad:

  • Work experience (institute’s need-based)
  • Multiple Essays (can be written or speech or both)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • GMAT/GRE scores (required or optional)
  • English language proficiency test scores (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)

 Top 10 full-time MBA Institutes

Here is a list of World Universities Rankings – Full Time MBA: Global (QS Top Universities)

RankUniversityOverall Score
1Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford (CA), United States94.5
2Penn (Wharton) Philadelphia (PA),United States92.6
3MIT (Sloan) Cambridge (MA), United States92.5
4Harvard Business School Boston (MA), United States92.1
5HEC Paris Jouy en Josas, France92
6INSEAD Paris, Singapore, France91.1
7London Business School London, United Kingdom91
8Columbia Business School New York (NY), United States90.6
9IE Business School Madrid, Spain89.8
10UC Berkeley (Haas) Berkeley (CA), United States89.5