MBBS from Kazakhstan and Its Advantages


Kazakhstan is one of the largest landlocked countries with 13 popular universities. MBBS from Kazakhstan is known for its unique and dense education system. The main focus is on core practical training. Well-known colleges focus on the interpersonal communication and professional development of students. Training will bring you many benefits because it can help you shape your career. The level of international education has made the country home to more than 60000 undergraduate medical job seekers. Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is because it has job opportunities and attracts students from popular destinations such as the UK, Germany, and Australia every year. The MBBS University in Kazakhstan is worth studying here because it is recognized by the World Health Organization MCI. The MBBS in Kazakhstan lasts for 5 years, allowing students to participate in international seminars and projects. Another encouraging factor that attracts many students to the country is the global influence they have gained here. The best place is the availability of accommodation and Indian food facilities. You will not feel homesick, because the teacher-student ratio of 10:1 makes classroom learning more interesting for you. The MBBS fee in Kazakhstan will not make you feel financially burdened every year, because it costs 35000 US dollars per year. MBBS abroad is one of the best options for Indian medical job seekers to choose to turn their dreams into reality. There are many colleges and universities that provide a world-class education to international medical students, but Kazakhstan Medical University has these additional advantages, which are described here.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

  1. MBBS at an Affordable Cost

Students who want to study MBBS in Kazakhstan can get the best quality education by paying only 150000 – 250000 Indian rupees.

  • No Donation or Capitation Fee is Required

To enter the Indian Medical University, parents must pay a large amount of donations or head fees, but not including annual tuition fees. This is not the case in top medical universities abroad. Kazakhstan’s medical universities do not charge any handling fees or donation fees.

  • No Entrance Test is Required to Seek Admission

For MBBS abroad, students need to get at least 50% in the 12th standard in physics, chemistry and biology. They don’t even need to pass IELTS and TOEFL.

  • Extremely Low Cost of Living

This factor largely depends on the student’s lifestyle. Most foreign countries that provide MBBS abroad come from Europe, where the cost of living is extremely low. If we talk about Kazakhstan, including all indirect costs, the average monthly living cost is between US $ 100 to 150 (Indian rupees – 5000 to 1000 Indian rupees).

  • Best World Class Infrastructure

Medical universities in Kazakhstan such as Al Farabi Kazakh National University provide all the latest equipment for world-class infrastructure.

  • Opportunity to Get Great International Exposure

Students will have the opportunity to meet students from different countries, races and backgrounds from top medical universities abroad. For all students trying to settle in a new country, this kind of contact will be of great help.

  • English Taught Programs

Medical universities abroad use English as an educational medium. It is not mandatory for students to learn the native language of the country to learn MBBS in the country. However, this is beneficial to students and contributes to their overall development.

  • Availability of Dormitories

All overseas medical schools provide comfortable dormitories for all international students. Indian students are happy to know that most medical schools abroad also provide Indian food.