Get Medical Course from Russia at Kazan Federal University

  1. Universities are recognized by the World Directory of Medical Schools

The universities of Russia are recognized by the World Directory of Medical Schools and the MCI (Medical Council of India) which adds an extra advantage to the Indian students who want to get their medical course from Russia and later practice what they have learned in Indian.

2. Learn from Russia and Work in India

In short, they aspire to learn from Russia and work in India.

3. Come to Russia to Study a Prestigious Course

The students from many developed and developing countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Middle East, Egypt, India, and many more countries come to Russia to study a prestigious course such as MBBS which is highly recognized of the country.

4. Dream Come True Opportunity

To study MBBS in Russia is a dream come true opportunity as the along with providing high-quality education.

5. Excellent Clinical Training Facilities

The universities of Russia are also known for the excellent clinical training facilities through which the students not only learn about the important techniques of medical assistance.

6. Complex and Ever-Changing Medical Diseases

But also learn the complex and ever changing medical diseases that are going on in the world.

7. Excellent Infrastructure Facilities and Subsidized Fees

The universities do not just offer excellent infrastructure facilities and subsidized fees for the students.

8. Excellent Infrastructure Facilities and Subsidized Fees

The students also get medical insurance in the universities for all the courses and which is a cherry on the cake for those who aspire to study MBBS in Russia.

9. Teach in the English Language

All the major MCI (Medical Council of India) approved universities in Russia teach in the English language.

10. Taught the Russian Language during the Course

However, the students are also taught the Russian language at the time of their medical course.

11. Language Helps during Training and Internship

So they can communicate with the local people at the time of their training and internship in the hospitals.

12. Internship at Best Government Hospitals under the Guidance of Experts

The students get to pursue their medical internship in the best government hospitals in Russia under the guidance of some of the most experienced and best doctors in available.

13. Modern Equipment and Amenities to Educate

The laboratories of the university are equipped with all the modern equipment and amenities to educate the students about new technologies.

14. Top-Ranking Universities offered Great Quality of Education

The top-ranking universities of Russia are well known for their quality of education and the truly detailed MBBS program.

15. Produced Some Fine and Recognized Talents

The students are always in a lookout for universities that produced some fine and recognized talents instead of just showing their infrastructure facilities on the websites.

16. Quality of Professors and Good Student-Teacher Ratio

Even though the infrastructure facilities of any MBBS college are important but it is not everything and any medical college should also focus on other departments such as quality of professors, student and teacher ratio, quality of education, and most importantly the results to back their claims.

17. Russia is a Successful and Well-Recognized University

The Kazan Federal University (KFU) of Russia is a successful and well-recognized university of Russia which boasts of all these features and the students are happy with the results of the university.

18. Shown Exponential Results in the FMGE Test

The Indian students who have completed their MBBS course from the KFU (Kazan Federal University) have shown exponential results in the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) test and also in medical science.

19. University Guarantees is the Quality of Education

MBBS in Kazan Federal University (KFU) is a kind of opportunity which any student must not let go because the only things which the university guarantees are the quality of education.

20. MBBS Program of Kazan Federal University

They provide and after receiving that a student must be assured of only success in his career because of the detailed MBBS program of the Kazan Federal University (KFU).