How to ensure proper care of a Vertu phone that is studded with gemstones?

Vertu phone

Vertu phones have achieved the respect of the masses with their impeccable quality superior craftsmanship and undying love for innovation. All these phones are crafted out of fantastic elements and components. Can you imagine a cellphone that is studded with precious gemstones, such as sapphires and diamonds? This is Vertu for you. It believes in changing with the times and ensures proper management of resources. The elegant design and superior concept are what makes a Vertu phone very different from the rest of the phones. You may find a phone with hundred other competitors, but you will never find a competitor who is functioning just the way Vertu does, and that’s a promise!

Vertu mobile phones can become your loyal friend for years to come. Yes! It doesn’t break, wear or wither away. It might just last more than you may! Isn’t that amazing? That shows a lot about the kind of craftsmanship delivered here. It’s superior, it’s long-lasting and it’s durable. However, you should know how to take care of such an expensive phone. After all, you don’t come across phones that are studded with gemstones, right? Here are some aspects that you can keep in mind to ensure proper safety and maintenance of your Vertu phone; 

1. You should take proper care of the gemstones that are studded in your phone. They’re real and they are precious. You should ensure that they do not come in any kind of contact with a hard and solid surface. It’s always recommended to the users that they only use the case that is specifically meant for a Vertu phone, something that the brand itself offers. This will ensure proper care and coordination of the product. 

2. You should also make sure that you don’t expose your cell phone to sharp impacts or friction. You should also make sure that the phone is not in direct contact with your clothing. You should also note that the gemstones that are studded in a Vertu phone change colour. Hence, you should maintain them and ensure the proper upkeep of these phones. 

3. In case you do break a piece of jewel, don’t worry. You can always get it fixed. Vertu has a whole range of services and will ensure that you are always satisfied with the results. Just head to Vertu mobile India already and grab their phones! 

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