Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes

athletic shoes

Running and walking are considered to be one of the most natural exercises that have known to exist in the world. However, if you want to run and walk properly, you should ensure that you wear the right kind of shoes. Running and walking in inappropriate shoes can lead to blisters and other forms of deformities. This is why you should have complete knowledge of what kind of shoes you should wear if you want to run or walk. 

Here are some tips for choosing the right athletic wear: 

1. Don’t make shoes multitask, because they can’t – Every occasion or activity calls for a specific kind of shoes. Hence, you should ensure that you use your pair of shoes for only those tasks that are specially designed for it. Use slippers in the house and running shoes when you’re planning to go for a walk or run. Don’t make your shoes multitask, as this can only lead to deformities in your feet later. 

2. Know your foot – You should have complete knowledge about your feet. You should know what fits well on your foot and what does not. You can also check various brands and see what kind of size fits you the best. One way to determine your feet is by undertaking the “wet test.” All you need to do is wet your foot, step on a piece of brown paper and trace your footprint. This can help you determine your shoe type and kind well. 

3. Measure your feet frequently – It’s a complete myth that a foot size always remains the same. Your feet are subjected to change as you grow up. Hence, you should ensure that you keep measuring your feet frequently and making sure that you are buying shoes of the right size. Also, you must know that the sizes vary between brands. Hence, know what brand fits you the best. 

4. Bring your socks – if you want to buy shoes for running, you should ensure that you try the shoes on with a pair of socks on your feet. This will help you understand if those shoes fit you perfectly or not. You should also walk and run in those shoes for some time to know if those shoes are the ones you’re looking for or not. 

5. Know when to replace them – It’s said that running shoes should be replaced after 350-400 miles of use. After a while, the shoes start losing their grip and become very worn out. This can cause immense damage to your health as well. If the sole of the shoes starts to feel unsupportive, you should replace them. Shopping for new shoes will always ensure good quality and efficiency! 

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