How To Grow Your Business With Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategy – A Complete Guide

Grow Your Business With Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram has grown as an ultimate platform to share photos and videos. With more than 1.16 billion active users monthly, each user spends approximately 8 minutes on Instagram, and more than 500 million users use Instagram stories daily. In just ten years, Instagram has turned into a hub for business people from a simple photo-sharing application. An interesting information is that over 90% of users on Instagram follow at least one business account.

Instagram is emerging with new features and updates to help businesses and brands reach higher positions with massive engagement. It also becomes a key for entertainment, education, communication, and a tool for eCommerce. In Instagram, the marketers have grown by seven percent whereas, Facebook has a grown percentage of only 0.5 percent. So, Instagram is an excellent medium for you to grow your business with successful marketing.

The below guide will help you to achieve your goal on Instagram by promoting your business with huge followers.

1. Convert Your Account To A Business Account

Instagram provides additional features for markets to promote their brand or product. But you can utilize these features only if your account is a business account. Converting your normal account to a business account is very simple, which involves the following steps to follow,

Step 1: Create a standard Instagram account using your mail address and sign-in on the Instagram application. If you want to connect with multiple users, you can link your Instagram account with Facebook.

Step 2: Fill in your information on the profile and choose a username, then select next. Your personal Instagram account is now created.

Step 3: Once creating a profile, tap into the Settings option and select “Switch to Professional Account.”

Now your account is switched to your business account, and fill out the relevant details into it.

2. Set A Compelling Profile

Instagram gives you a small space to accomplish your profile in an attractive way to make you visible on the vast user base. Your profile should make your visitors understand your product. Instagram provides you 150 characters to fill out your profile using creative content. The first impression for every visitor is the best one to make their decision in following you. 

Choose a unique profile image and username that is common in all social media that will be easy for your users to recognize you easily. Instagram provides an option to include a CTA (Call-To-Action) button or link insertion. So, add the link where you want your users to land to increase your website traffic or sales conversion. Provide your contact information by including your mail address, location to track your business and make an easy way to connect with your audiences.

3. Know Who Your Audiences Are

Successful marketing for your business will be achieved only by knowing your target audiences. The people between the age of 24 to 35 are involved the most on Instagram. So if your target audiences are between those ages, then it becomes easy for you to attract new audiences to your account with your unique creativity. Instagram is built with an inbuilt tool to find your audiences easily. So use Instagram demographics to target your audiences based on their age, location, gender, interest, and behavior.

The below points will guide you to find your audiences,

  • Determine the age of your customers who bought from you already.
  • Check on your other social media platforms, identify those audiences and ask them to follow you on Instagram also.
  • Perform competitors analyze and target their audiences by knowing their interests.

If you know your target audiences, then it becomes easier for you to create content according to your audience’s interest. 

4. Set Goals To Achieve Your Target

Know your objective on Instagram to achieve your goal and grow your business on the right path on Instagram. Ensure that your goals are measurable, specific, and relevant to your business. Improve your presence on Instagram with your strategic goals. Some of the objectives to set for your business on Instagram are,

  • Increasing the traffic to your website
  • Generate leads for your business
  • Make satisfaction for your customers
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Combining with influencers and make good relationship with them
  • Increasing your sales conversion

Building an active community among the user base on Instagram will make it easy to achieve your goal and get better results in growing your business. Reaching a higher position on social media will not be achieved until you have your brand presence. Grow your revenue by finding the audiences interested in your brand.

5. Publish High-Quality Visual Content

Instagram is all about visual content, and it is essential to have a visual identity for your business on Instagram. There are plenty of features on Instagram to show your creative video content skill that provides a significant way to showcase your brand to many users. In addition to the videos posting on your Instagram feed, there are three additional and exciting features,

  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV
  • Reels

Instagram Stories:

Engage your audiences by posting your interesting daily activities on stories. Here, you can post for about 15 seconds, and if you want to post multiple videos, you can publish them in a slideshow format. Stories have some filters and stickers to add color to your videos and attract your followers to your business.


Instagram TV (IGTV) is a long video form to explore your whole idea to your followers. Posting long videos helps to improve likes for your IGTV video with real content and make it interesting. Shoot videos about your product review or the usage of your product to gain higher reach.


Reels feature on Instagram is an alternative to TikTok, where you can post video content with your unique talent using a trending soundtrack. It is only for entertaining your audiences and also shows any valuable tips. Reel videos provide a way to reach out to new audiences and increase followers for your business. You can enjoy watching the reel video on the explore page.

6. Giving Consistent Post

Show your activeness on Instagram and make your brand known for many users by posting content consistently on Instagram. Show your followers the seriousness of your business on your Instagram feed. It doesn’t mean that you have to post once in a while, but posting at least once will be enough to engage your audiences. Also, the consistent post on your feed will take you to a higher reach with huge followers.

A steady stream on your Instagram page will create brand trust and a good impression on your business by the followers. If you are busy with your other work on the business, you can just schedule your post at the right time, knowing your audience’s active period. It makes you stick to a consistent post and also saves your valuable time. Make your online presence on Instagram by scheduling your post with consistent content.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a perfect tool to grow your business with a winning marketing strategy. It brings a virality for your business by gaining potential customers and increasing brand awareness by maintaining good relationships with your followers. With your engaging content, grab the attention of new users and convert them to your customers and also as your followers to keep updated on your business information. 


Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.